Belleayre Mountain & The Boat N RV Supercenter for Emergency Repairs

You may be wondering “Why the hell would we go to a ski resort in the middle of the summer?” Excellent question! The answer is simply peace, quiet and AMAZING views! We arrived shortly before sunset to have a couple glasses of wine and take in the beauty of the mountain before calling it a night.


“Joe! Put your pants on! Someone is outside the RV!” This was the minor panic the next morning started with as Hillary, with her sonic hearing, woke to the sound of a vehicle approaching ours just before sunrise. As Joe hurriedly threw his pants on to better assess the situation unfolding outside, Hillary and Piper huddled together in the bedroom. Once outside, Joe observed yet another vehicle approach and drive past our RV showing no interest in our involvement on the mountain. Both trucks proved to be no more than maintenance workers showing up for their shifts. To our benefit, we were woken just in time to capture a gorgeous sunrise over the mountain. This moment would have been lost if not for these men arriving at work around 5:30am that morning.

Belleayre Sunrise2

After our first breakfast prepared in the RV, comprised on oatmeal, granola and tea it was time for our next stop!

First Breakfast - Hillary First Breakfast - Joe_Fotor

The Boat N RV Supercenter of Cocksackie, New York! Wait… what are we doing here again? Oh yeah, that’s right, our water heater burst and flooded the RV because the previous owner didn’t winterize it. Nice one!

Luckily this little snafu was easily defused by an incredible gentleman by the name of Kenny who had us in and out in less time and less money than quoted earlier that morning. It also bought us some much needed internet time.

Boat N RV Supercenter in Coxsackie, NY

Next stop, the Adirondacks!

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