The Adirondacks

With a brand new water heater, shore line plug and a complimentary RV 101 course courtesy of Kenny @ Boat N RV Supercenter, we are on our way to the Adirondacks! Hillary found a slue of free campgrounds for us to venture off to, the first of them being in Moose River Plains. After some confusion with the directions and driving around aimlessly without cellular data, we finally figured out where we had to go by inquiring with a young local gentleman as to where the free campsites were. This would prove to be the first of many Captain Ron moments where “If we get lost, we’ll just pull over somewhere and ask directions.” If you haven’t seen this movie, it is a wonderfully terrible classic with Kurt Russell and Martin Short. Watch it, or don’t, your call! Anyhow, we found an open site shortly after dark as a light rain began to fall. After parking, Hillary whipped up our first of many RV cooked meals; two grilled cheese sandwiches. No grilled cheese sandwich has ever tasted so good.

The next morning we woke to the silence of the woods, sunlight trickling in through the tall trees and Piper hopping in bed with us as she usually does for her morning cuddle session. Shortly after, we headed out to see the beauty of our surrounding wilderness.


We left for a walk after coffee to see the rest of the sites and it seems like we totally lucked out and secured one of the best campsites by sheer luck.

Adirondacks - Hillary & Piper.jpg

Upon our return, we did a couple things we were used to doing daily in NYC, but haven’t really had the chance to lately, such as washing the dishes, shaving and washing ourselves.

Joe Shaving in Adirondacks

With only 27.5 gallons of water in our RV’s water tank, we are incredibly aware of how valuable a commodity di-hydrogen oxide is when you’re on the road and don’t know the next time you’ll fill up your potable water and dump your grey/black water. So, we used a nearby stream and some bio-degradable soap. I’ll tell you one thing, using cold water and dirt to scrub your dishes clean of grease is quite the humbling experience.


Later on in the day we decided to press our luck and find a better spot, hopefully lakeside. This turned out to be a fail as the only decent campsite we could find was incredibly buggy, which brings us to the first of many lessons we learned on our road trip: when you have a good site, don’t leave unless you know for certain there is a better one available. Lesson learned!

The next morning we packed up our campsite and headed to the small town of Inlet, NY for breakfast @ their local bakery. It was the only store in town that had a line out the door so we figured it had to be good. 15 minutes of waiting proved to be worth it for the coffee, cinnamon twists and donuts. With full stomachs and a nice caffeine buzz we were back on the road headed for Tupper Lake. Here the bugs weren’t as relentless as they were back in the second site in Moose River, so it was a step up from yesterday’s camping. We made a fire to stave off some of the bugs and I assembled the $35 Home Depot BBQ we purchased in Connecticut the week before. After dinner, we washed the chicken down with some of Inlet, NY’s finest box wine before calling it a night.

After nearly a week of Harvest Hosts & free camping, we gave in and went to our first paid campground @ Cranberry Lake, NY… well worth the $21 a night for a lakeside site. Joe was finally able to try out the fishing rod he chose as his gift for 5 years of service at CBS Radio. No fish were caught but a few strong nibbles were enough to make him happy.

Joe Fishing in Cranberry Lake2

With rations running low we set off the next morning into the closest town to find food for the next few days. After that, we spent most of our day with leisure including a quick workout with Joe’s new elastic bands, some reading and meditation. During this time, Hillary read an article about a new app called “Breather” where people pay money to get alone time in NYC as a bouncer sits outside your door to let you know when your time is up. It appears we got out just in time.

Later on that night we were woken by a strange scratching noise that turned out to be a gang of raccoons raiding Piper’s dog food. We do not have an actual picture to go along with this incident because once again Joe has to quickly put on pants in the middle of the night to assess the situation unfolding outside, so here’s one from the internet for your viewing enjoyment!


After a good week-long run, it is now time to say goodbye to NY as we head to the next state in our journey: Vermont!

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