Colchester -> Burlington -> Waterbury -> Berlin, VT

As we crossed the state border from waaaay upstate New York (basically south Canada) into Vermont, the transition from the forest to Sam Mazza’s Farm in Colchester, Vermont was a seamless one. We parked our RV in the field near the petting zoo and Piper was free to let her legs loose in the field.

Sam Mazza'a Farm in VT & RV

The clouds you see behind the RV would later manifest into a fierce lightning storm that hit the farmhouse about 100 feet away, rendering them powerless and scared Joe half to death. Thankfully nobody was injured. 🙂

Early in the morning we set out to the gorgeous little city of Burlington Vermont that catered both of our personalities.

Hillary found a tent with a message that fit her perfectly…



Joe & Piper found some graffiti in the land of Bernie Sanders…



We enjoyed the tranquil waterfront…


Burlington - Boats

Burlington - Boat2

Piper helped her Mom pick out the boat she wanted…


Not to mention the interesting artwork in the surrounding area, such as…


This here gnome just chillin’ out under a mushroom…


The Greenasaurus comprised of 100% recycled plastic bottles, even this little girl was intrigued!

Joe Riding Dragon in Burlington, VT

and the Loch Ness Monster statue that Joe absolutely HAD to ride.

As you may or may not know, the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory is in Vermont. Before we started on this road trip Joe said to Hillary “If we go to the Ben & Jerry’s factory, I get to eat all the ice cream I wants without any discretion.”

So we went…

Ben & Jerry Heads

Did the tour…

Ben & Jerry's Factory Your Guide

Went to the flavor graveyard to see the retired B&J’s flavors…

Ben & Jerry's Factory - Flavor Graveyard

And then went full beast mode on multiple flavors fresh from the factory!

There is a fat kid inside all of us this is his Disneyland!

Ben & Jerry's - Joe & Hillary Eating Ice Cream

After exploring Burlington & having more ice cream than we’ve had in months, we finished off our time in Vermont with some delicious wine flights @ Fresh Tracks Farm in Berlin, VT.


This was another winery we found through harvest hosts and it was the cherry on top of our perfect visit to Vermont!

Fresh Tracks Farm Little Piggy Pink

If you’re ever in the area we recommend their signature wine, the Little Piggy Pink Rose.

Next we’ll be headed to North Conway, New Hampshire to visit Hillary’s Aunt Tammy & Uncle Peter & then to Castine, Maine to visit her Dad & his girlfriend. See you there!

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