North Conway, NH -> Boothbay, ME -> Castine, ME

After almost two weeks of being on the road it was a nice change to be able to have all the comforts of home again… not to mention our own private dock on Lake Conway thanks to Hillary’s Aunt Tammy & Uncle Peter!

It was a perfect little slice of heaven.

 Hillary & Piper on the Pier2

Our next few days were filled with swimming, paddle boarding, canoeing in the lake, reading and having meals with Hillary’s aunt & uncle. There were also showers to be had every single day; glorious cleansing showers!

The views on the lake were absolutely gorgeous. Here we were able to snap a photo of the sun peeking through the clouds here just before sunset.


We took advantage of having a full kitchen to test our personal pizza making skills.

Pizza - Hillary

Hillary is a big fan of the white pizza with just the right amount of seasoning of course. As you can see the cheese has been cooked to perfection with just the slightest hint of browning.

 Pizza - Joe

Joe, on the other hand, likes a saucy pizza and decided to try something not many have done before in the pizza world… mixing the cheese with the sauce and then spreading it on the dough before putting it in the oven. Here is a man that likes to live dangerously ladies and gentlemen!

Side Note: he deeply regrets this decision. The cheese wasn’t nearly as gooey as it deserves to be. Learn from his mistake.

As our time in North Conway drew to a close and before we parted ways, Tami & Peter took us for a quick ride around Lake Conway before sunset on our last night with them.

Even Piper & her Aunt Geneva got to come! Piper however isn’t a big fan of boats as you can tell by the look on her face. Geneva on the other hand is a seasoned vet and was lounging the whole ride.


Being the momma’s girl she is, Piper went into her mother’s arms for most of the ride.

Before heading to Hillary’s father Andrew & his girlfriend Anne’s house in Castine, Maine, we decided to walk around the adorable town of Boothbay and then stay @ a brewery pizza pub rightly named the Boothbay Craft Brewery which we also found through harvest hosts.

The pizza was AMAZING!

Boothbay Craft Brewery Brick Oven Pizza

The beer flights were top notch! That dark one all the way on the right, “Steganos”, was pure delicious evil & made with bourbon.

Boot Bay Beer Flights

The next day we headed off to Andrew & Anne’s and we arrived right before happy hour.


Our timing could have been better because it was mostly very cool and foggy for the duration of our visit.


There were certain times of the day where the weather would slightly cooperate and we’d get a glimpse of the sunlight through the clouds.


Nevertheless, it was great to have time to catch up with them and discuss our adventures thus far and our upcoming plans for the next 2 months on the road.

Next stop, Canada! …Ey?

Beautiful Canada

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