Waves – A Poem

Living in the surfer’s paradise of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca Mexico for over a year opened my eyes to a new way to approach life; the surfer’s philosophy. They live their lives by the tides and swells that the ocean provides for them and understand that this is completely out of their control. The same can be said for our emotions some times. Realizing and integrating this lesson has helped me better understand the ebb and flow of life and learn to accept and appreciate the balance that it provides for our growth.


No greater teacher than waves

Never preaching what to do,

how to feel,

nor how to act

They come and they go

That is all

Looking out…

Now looking in

Emotions: the waves of our souls

Negative thoughts come in waves

Many never reach the shores of consciousness

Others knock us down,

try and pull us in

to drown us

in our ever-churning subconscious

Ever tried

ever failed

In my story thus far

I have prevailed

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