How Manifestation and Helping Others Landed Me My Dream House in Paradise

It all began while I was trimming weed in Northern California last fall. When you’re at a table for 10-12 hours a day armed with nothing more than scissors and a pile of pot you have plenty of time to discuss your future dreams with your fellow trimmers. Lucky for me, I was teamed up with two of the most incredibly giving and talented manifestors I’ve ever come across in my life. The greatest gift I took away from my time with these two was not the money earned, but rather the life BLESSons that I’ve integrated as a result of spending almost every waking moment with them for three months.


If daydreaming were a paid profession, I could probably start an empire that would make the Rockefeller family look like peasants. I’m always in my head thinking about the endless possibilities of life. When I learned to pivot my thought process from fantasy into reality, that’s when the magic finally started to happen.

Around the trimming table, the three of us would discuss what our next moves would be when we parted ways. Mine was to head back to New York for a bit to visit my family and friends, go to Puerto Rico to visit the girl I fell in love with that past summer and then fly into Cancun and backpack my way back to Puerto Escondido. There I would find a beautiful house with a balcony above the palm trees so they wouldn’t block my view of the ocean. Just like my mantra back in Tulum, I made sure to “Dream Big”.

On several occasions the three of us would have nighttime ceremonies to give our manifestations a helping hand. In the coming months, this would prove to be a cornerstone in achieving everything I was aiming for and so much more!


If you’ve been to Puerto Escondido in the past year, primarily the “La Punta” area, you’ve probably had the pleasure of ingesting some of the best fish tacos you’ve ever had. The man behind these delicious taste creations is my good friend Pepe Morgan. I met him as I was walking down Alejandro Cardenas Peralta street on my way to get a cup of coffee at my favorite cafe in Puerto, Cafe Ole.

Immediately before popping in to the cafe, there was this loud mouthed Mexican shouting at me from across the street. He said that I should come and try his fish tacos as he assured me they’d be the best I’ve ever tasted. This man of course was Pepe.


After hearing several rave reviews from friends and co-workers, I decided to give them a try one day after my coffee. So I sat down, ordered a couple to start and yeah… they were even more delicious than everyone said they were. I ended up having some beer and staying for a few hours that day as I wanted to get some writing done. Needless to say I ordered several more in my time there. My personal favorite are the coconut shrimp tacos with lime, cabbage, guacamole, pineapple pico de gallo, chipotle and Pepe’s Mom’s special sauce. I made sure to return at least once a week to get my fix during the remainder of my 2016 stay in Puerto.

After I left PE for California, we kept in touch as I traveled over the next five months. Not too long ago, when I was in Palenque this past February, he reached out to me and asked me for a favor. Due to issues with the owners of the property, he was in a bind financially and needed some funds to get started at a new location for his restaurant. So I went to the nearest OXXO and transferred him some money in order to get things sorted out so he could open up his new location. This was by no means a large business loan, but it made all the difference to him in helping him start anew. 

He was so grateful that he wanted to do something for me to show his gratitude, so he said “Bruddah, whatever I can do for you, please just let me know! OK, thank you I love you bruddah!” So I let him know that I was on the lookout for a 2-3 bedroom house or apartment in Puerto Escondido to move into when I return. As divine timing would have it, his friend Luis had just finished building a house that he was looking to rent out starting April 2nd. And now, a little over a month after returning to the city that I’ve decided to make my new home, I have found the perfect place to nest thanks to my good friend Pepe.


As mentioned earlier, I wanted to manifest a beautiful house near the beach with a balcony above the palm trees so they wouldn’t block my view of the ocean…. and that is exactly what I would receive.

I just had no idea it would be as magnificent as this!

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At the date of this post, it has been one year, eight months and thirteen days since I left my NYC apartment for the open road with the intention of settling in Mexico with my girlfriend at the time. Things didn’t go as I planned, but as I have said before, time and time again situations have proven to work out so much better that way… at least in the end.

Living this new reality of trusting in the Universe, God, Great Spirit or whatever you want to call it has instilled within me a new sense of trust that everything is going to work out as long as my intentions are pure. I can only wonder what else the future has in store for me. For now, I’ll take some time to enjoy my new home in the city that has captured both my heart and spirit.

Now that I’m finally here and settled, I’ll be opening my home to other travelers from all over the world through AirBnB, continue writing and working on other passion projects I’ve been lining up over the past few months.

On weekends over the past two weeks, I’ve been working behind the bar and waiting tables at Pepe’s Fish Tacos in La Punta in order to help him out and get a first-hand perspective on what changes he needs to succeed and help improve his business.

After all, what better way to protect my investment than actually working at the place I put money into? Just the other day he was so pleased with how smoothly the restaurant was running since I started working there that he offered to make me his partner. Time will tell if I take him up on the offer. I’ve got a lot of great things in the works and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to give him the time he needs. For the time being, I will be there every Friday and Saturday from noon til close making margaritas and slinging out the best fucking fish tacos your taste buds will ever have the pleasure of salivating on.

In my free time, I’ll be working on my surfing game, enjoying the natural wonders of Puerto Escondido, beautifying my new home and assisting the Integral Heart Foundation in their fund raising efforts for their school in Guatemala.

The future has endless possibilities and I am ready for whatever it has in store for me. I’ll be sure to stay true to myself, follow my intuition, live my life in my heart’s highest truth and of course never forget to



9 thoughts on “How Manifestation and Helping Others Landed Me My Dream House in Paradise

    • Hey Rob, been a long time bro! Yeah, I have zero complaints at the moment. Things are going rather well. Let me know when and I can put you up at my place for free. You can stay in the “Cococnut Palm Room”✌🏼


  1. Hola, Joe!

    My wife sort of stumbled upon your ‘tales of Escondido’, on FaceBook. Not sure if Pepe has mentioned us to you, but we spent much time with him this winter, both enjoying his company and fish tacos, and helping him keep his business running. We’re glad to hear that you two have met, and clearly your assistance is having a hugely positive effect. You also seem to be having a good time, if your smiles are any indication!

    I wonder if I might ask you a favour? For the past month, I have been unable to contact Pepe, either via FaceBookMessenger, or his cell phone. For a few weeks,there, I was worried that something untoward might have happened to him. So, you can imagine how relieved I was to see the recent photos of him standing next to you, his usual smile in place! If it’s not too much of an imposition, please ask Pepe to get in touch, when he has a moment. We would really like him to give us an update on all that’s happened since late March. He can reach Merri’s FaceBook page at… Or, he can send a return email to me, if he’s able to do that.

    Thanks very much for this, Joe! I hope that we might have a chance to meet someday. I’m sure I would really enjoy your company!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Randy, thanks for the message! Pepe has been off-grid without a cell phone since it broke fairly recently and roughly 95% of his energy is put into the business. We’re building a team together to ensure that things run smoothly, quality isn’t compromised and most importantly he can get some balance back in his life. I’ll let him know tomorrow and will make sure he reaches out sometime soon. I’ll move “but a f-big cell phone” up to #1 on his to do list. Hope all is well. Will you be returning to PE soon?


      • Hi, Joe!

        Thanks very much for the update! I’ll keep an eye on FaceBook, and wait for Pepe to get in touch. It’s great to hear that you’ve got the time and resources to help Pepe with the restaurant, and I hope you two can make that business successful, really quickly.

        To answer your question, I’m afraid it’s not likely that I will be returning to PE, sooner or otherwise. I really enjoyed Puerto Escondido, but unfortunately, my wife was less than impressed. Also, as a general rule, and since we’re trying to see as much of the world as possible, we don’t return to the same place every year. Next winter, for example, we’re planning on visiting Colombia. Of course, things can always change!

        One last note before I sign off for today. On the day my wife and I left PE to return home, we were supposed to meet Pepe to say goodbye. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, because Pepe had to head downtown, early in the morning, to get his electricity turned on at the property. However, In addition to saying good bye, we were also turning over our recently-purchased coffee machine to Pepe, ‘cuz his machine was a disaster! Of course, since we weren’t able to meet, I left the machine at our hotel, for Pepe to collect at his convenience. Did he ever pick up the machine? If not, it’s likely still at the Hotel TerraNova, with his name on it, waiting for him. The hotel is up the hill from the Policia Federales station, on Avenida Plan de Ayala. Pepe knows the place, but perhaps you could just remind him, if he hasn’t already taken care of it. BTW, the hotel manager’s name is Lucio, and he’s rarely there after 2:00 pm, so it would be best to head up there in the morning, if that’s necessary.

        Enjoy the day, Joe, and keep smilin’!


        Liked by 1 person

      • Buenas dias, Joe!

        In my previous message, I had intended to ask you to please wish Pepe “Happy Birthday” for us. Hope you both have a wonderful day!


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