Humboldt County: Trinidad / Patrick’s Point State Park and Campground / The City of Arcata and Arcata Community Forest 

With Mount Shasta in our rear view, we set off to explore our new temporary home, Humboldt County. Little did we know about the incredible beauty this place had to offer.


I have given up on the whole idea of planning and have been pleasantly surprised with the way going with the flow has presented me with beauty I could not have imagined. Let’s take a walk to see what it has in store this time.

The town of Trinidad had some amazing rocky beaches for us to spend some time at.

The sea lions also agree

On our walk back up, we spotted blackberries just begging to be picked… so I filled my mason jar.

The people of Trinidad seem to be very trusting to leave a truckload of Concord Grapes unattended on the side of the road.

And across the street… you guessed it!

A winery called Moonstone Crossing


On our search for the perfect campsite in Patrick’s Point State Park and Campground

We set up at site 111… because of course we did!


The early morning fog of Northwestern California, which is technically a rain forest, creates a mystical setting.

Oh my God you guys! A blue bird just landed by our campsite!

Do you see it?

It’s right there!

Here’s a close up shot for this gorgeous feathered creature

Once settled in our new temporary home, we had to check out the other local hot spots.


Northtown Coffee was an obvious choice for our first stop to fill our stomachs and satisfy my caffeine addiction.

They’re so cool here that they put their teas and spices in test tubes

Once our hungers were satisfied we head off to the nearby community forest.


The Arcata Community Forest is a great place to go hiking among the giant Redwood Trees.

Here Angelica hugs the biggest tree stump I’ve ever seen

Further along our hike we came across an incredible wood carving in a giant tree stump

Here’s a closer look

And an even closer look at the face carving

There is so much beauty everywhere you look in this world. Being removed from the concrete jungle of New York City over the past year has allowed me to reconnect and see it all with new eyes. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity and look forward to all that lies in front of me.

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