Coco Cleanse, DMT Ceremony, Reflections and Synchronicity, Cristina Leaves for Thailand, Arte y Café, Karma and Next Stop!


This week started off with a three day coconut water fast in order to properly cleanse ourselves before our ceremony with DMT. Coconut water fasting is a great way to detox and flush out the body while giving it all the nutrients it needs so the hunger pangs are less severe than just water fasting and your energy levels aren’t completely diminished.

Cristina and me going coco crazy!!!


What is DMT you ask? Open up Google and type in the phrase “most powerful hallucinogenic.” Why DMT? It came to us, so we answered, and if there’s one lesson I’ve learned in my year of traveling, it’s to stop thinking I have a better plan than what life puts in front of me. I do however have my own personal reason for taking part in the ceremony. From previous research and my interactions with people I have met in my travels, they describe it as a reset button for your life. In my own personal case, I wanted to just remove the false programming I’ve accumulated over the years. Essentially, I wanted to “unfuck” myself.

How does one properly prepare for a DMT Ceremony you ask?

  1. Purify your body. Do not eat high acidic, processed or any other types of unhealthy food. If possible, fast at least twenty four hours before by ingesting nothing but water, cold pressed organic juice and/or coconut water. Don’t drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, do drugs or anything else detrimental to your body.
  2. Find a beautiful outdoor space in nature to perform the ceremony during the daytime. Sunlight is necessary.
  3. Surround yourself with people you love and trust to help guide you through your journey.
  4. Smudge the ceremony space and participants with sage.
  5. Set your intention for what you want to manifest during your journey. My intention was to allow more freedom & happiness into my life.

How would I describe my DMT experience? Simply having just twenty six characters of black text typed onto white background can in no way come close to capturing what this experience was for me. Even showing a video looking at it from the outside in no way captures the experience… But I here’s one anyway.

Click the link below for a Vice Documentary video on DMT Ceremonies.

VICE DMT Documentary

The beauty of this medicine is that every person’s experience is unique dependent upon many different factors such as body toxicity (hence the coco cleanse), mental state and where that particular person is on their own personal inward journey, just to name a few.

In my personal experience, I could only compare it to extremely powerful Psilocybin Mushrooms. It hit me immediately, but I was guided through it graciously. I had to sit down shortly after, as the medicine took hold. I don’t recall the next couple of minutes, but was told that I was rolling around in the sand until I was able to compose myself and sit myself up. When I came to, it was as if I died and then returned to life. However, everything I saw was absolutely beautiful… fifth dimension style. I was full of overwhelming love for everyone and everything. This was the first time in my life where I felt a true sense of oneness. After a few minutes of taking in all that I was experiencing, I couldn’t help but cry. My tears were a manifestation of pure joy.

Post ceremony sharing circle

The participants (Me and Cristina) and our guides



The girl on the left in the picture above is an old high school friend of Jesus. She just happened to be walking by with her boyfriend immediately after we finished the ceremony. As Jesus and she were catching up, she mentioned that they would be heading to the mountain town of San Jose Del Pacifico, just 4 hours north of Puerto Escondido, in the morning to take psychedelic mushrooms. This is when Jesus felt guided to explain to her why we were here. She immediately jumped on the opportunity to be administered the medicine. Five minutes after taking it, she sat down and kept repeating the words “Que feo, que feo”, which translates to “How ugly, how ugly”. She later explained how this was in response to her reflection of her past self. Since she did not fast and had food and possibly other toxins in her system, she purged it all out onto the beach and went into a deep trance-like state. She woke roughly ten minutes later, sat up straight and said that she has been looking for this medicine for seven years. Happy tears ran down her face as she stared into the ocean. She looked at it as if it were her first time ever being on a beach. Jesus was very thankful to Sapito for this opportunity to help guide an old friend through her inward journey.


Over the past 3 months, we’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Cristina Navaretta. By the time you read this, she will be in Thailand. This chick is a spiritual fucking rockstar. I love her like a sister and am eternally grateful to have had this experience with her before her next adventure begins. What’s she doing in Thailand you ask.

Here’s her itinerary:

Bangkok – Enough said 

Chiang Mai – Elephant sanctuary, paragliding, Thai yoga massage training at an herbal healing compound in the jungle in a small village outside of Chiang Mai

Koh Phanghan – To immerse herself in spiritual community, connect with like minded people and delv into tantra yoga philosophy

Cristina and I shortly after our DMT ceremony

Just a couple of soul sisters doing their “Seal Puppin'” dance. I guess you had to be there to get the full effect.

I was reluctant to take sufficient pictures of her going away party. I was busy enjoying myself and hanging out with Pepe’s dog in the hammock. Sorry, not sorry.


Before beginning my next adventure, I had to stop by Ernesto and Gala’s gallery/café, Casa Doce, just down the road.

Gala, Ernesto y yo. Thank you both for sharing such an amzing space with me, the rest of the community and visitng travlers. I look forward to seeing you both again upon my return … whenever that may be.


Karma comes in all shapes and forms, usually at times when we least expect it. It is meant to teach us lessons we are unable to learn by ourselves. Whether we want to label it good or bad the only way we can truly label it is in one word: necessary.


By the time you read this, I will have left Puerto Escondido for my next adventure thousands of miles away. Find out where next week, Monday, September 19th.

If you have enjoyed reading my blog, I invite you to share it either through social media, e-mail, telegraph, morse code… whatever with anyone that you feel might enjoy my travels and adventures. Do it… Doooo iiiiit!

Until next week!

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